Artist Statement

I would like to describe the world of the void in black and white.
In the empty space, the guidance to the infinite world of the unconsciousness begins. Seeing emptiness is "a manifestation in the depths of ones own existence". This becomes a phenomenon for us. In other words, it is a way of expressing "profundity". It is a view of the world in which the opposite poles of black and white are unified and are born. It is expressed by the word "moderation". It is the world beyond what is reflected as right and wrong, the presence of life and death, the equality of the north and south pole.

そこは私達を無意識という無限の世界への導き、視覚は「自身の深層にあるもの」を現象化させるのです。 つまり「奥行き」の表現です。白黒という対極が統合されて生まれる世界観です。それを「中庸」という言葉で表され。善悪・有無・生死・等の二極的に映るものを超えた世界なのです。


2019   Group exhibition "Urban art fair" Paris, France
Group exhibition "Portal" Amsterdam, Netherlands
Group exhibition "ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair" Paris, France
2018   Solo exhibition "INSIDE OUT" Kyoto, Japan
Duo exhibition "DOT + LINE" Kyoto, Japan
Group exhibition "UNTITLED" Nagoya, Japan
2017   Duo exhibition "MONOCHROME" Kyoto, Japan
2016   Digital exposition "Boomerang Art Screen", Netherlands
2015   Group exhibition "RED DOT MIAMI art fair @ ART BASEL MIAMI" Miami, America
Group exhibition "Amsterdam Dance Event" Amsterdam, Netherlands
Solo exhibition "INVISIBLE" Amsterdam, Netherlands
Duo exhibition "No-is" Osaka, Japan
2014   Duo exhibition "BLACK SCENERY" Kyoto, Japan
Solo exhibition "mindgames" Kyoto, Japan
2012   Solo exhibition "Telepathy" Kyoto, Japan.
Solo exhibition "The island people" Kyoto, Japan.
Solo exhibition "1: √2" Kyoto, Japan.
2010   Nominated music video "Ohbijou / New year" in International film festival Breda.
Prized at Spiral Independent Creators Festival 12 in Tokyo.
2009   Music video "Reveri Sound Revue / You Don't Exist If I Don't See you"
2006   Moved to Toronto.
Started to work as visual art in multi media group "Exploding motor car" in Toronto.
1984   I was born in Izumo, Japan.