Shimane prefecture is a magical place full of shrines and with a solid base of ancient legends. Situated in the south of Japan, somewhat above Hiroshima, it is the place where Daijiro Hama had his yōkai (monsters) fuelled childhood and where he learned about legends that would stick with him forever. For years, drawing was a part of his life just as eating breakfast was. While creating monsters, he fantasized of a career as an antique dealer and even went to Canada for 5 years to pursue this dream. It was only there that he soon felt his urge to draw was more than just a habit. He moved back to Japan and settled in Kyoto where he met an elderly sumi (Japanese ink) artist who took an interest in him and guided him in discovering more about the technique, but maybe more important, she introduced him the philosophy of monochrome work.
Currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands, the inner world of Daijiro is taking shape. Monochrome. Black and white. Recently with a touch of colour to emphasize a mood. It seems a minimal concept but take a closer look and discover the bigger and deeper range of lines. Highly conceptual, yet his work tells a story. Sometimes you can look it straight into its eyes, other times you have to use your imagination. What is certain is that his work provokes something. An emotion, a movement, a tingling sense. You just have to open up.
- Sato gallery -

Group exhibition "ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair" Paris, France
Solo exhibition "MUTANT" at MARUEIDO JAPAN, Tokyo, Japan
Solo exhibition "MUTATION" at Sato gallery, Paris, France

Group exhibition "ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair" Paris, France.

Group exhibition "Urban art fair" Paris, France.
Group exhibition "Portal" Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Group exhibition "ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair" Paris, France.

Solo exhibition "INSIDE OUT" Kyoto, Japan.
Duo exhibition "DOT + LINE" Kyoto, Japan.
Group exhibition "UNTITLED" Nagoya, Japan.

Duo exhibition "MONOCHROME" Kyoto, Japan.

Digital exposition "Boomerang Art Screen", Netherlands.

Group exhibition "RED DOT MIAMI art fair @ ART BASEL MIAMI" Miami, America.
Group exhibition "Amsterdam Dance Event" Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Solo exhibition "INVISIBLE" Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Duo exhibition "No-is" Osaka, Japan.

Duo exhibition "BLACK SCENERY" Kyoto, Japan
Solo exhibition "mindgames" Kyoto, Japan

Solo exhibition "Telepathy" Kyoto, Japan.
Solo exhibition "The island people" Kyoto, Japan.
Solo exhibition "1: √2" Kyoto, Japan.